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A full suite of marketing and technology services


Token mechanics, token economics, security and utility token design, and marketing advisory

Public Relations

Access to the top PR news agencies with the widest and highest quality publisher reach

Community Management

All-in-one, 24/7 community moderation, content creation + distribution, and bounty programs


In-market PR, Community Management, and Translation for English, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish


Advertising Campaign creation and management with A/B testing for copy, assets, and formats


The best-in-class engineers for blockchain and smart contracts, web design, and full-stack development


Embark on the Ceta Network Mission

At the forefront of technological innovation, the blockchain industry is constantly changing and growing in an accelerated fashion. The Ceta Network mission is to nurture this evolution by providing foundationally sound projects with visibility and capital funding. Ceta Network drives our partners’ blockchain technologies and cryptographic digital assets to the public on an international stage.

  • Our Humble Beginnings

    November 2017

    A like-minded group of individuals across various crypto communities form a synergystic relationship. These blockchain enthusiasts leverage their knowledge, skills, and diverse cultural backgrounds to deliver outstanding public exposure for foundationally strong projects.

  • An Agency is Born

    January 2018

    Ceta Network is born as a full service marketing and consulting agency. Upon incorporation, Ceta Network is immediately contracted to deliver end-to-end advisory and marketing services to DarcMatter.

  • The Expansion I

    February 2018

    The Ceta Network staff and community grows while new client partnerships are secured. Ceta Ventures, the investment arm of the organization, is born.

  • The Expansion II

    April 2018

    Ceta Network continues building its portfolio with new prestigious blockchain companies. The company's service offerings expand to international markets.


Amazing clients solving challenging problems!


The best and the brightest in the blockchain space

Our Amazing Team

Paul Sri

Chief Executive Officer

Paul is an operational and engineering leader with experience from Yahoo!, Chegg, YP, and ZestFinance. Specializing in building esteemed product development teams, Paul also has a background in highly scalable platforms (AdTech, Search, Recommendation, and FinTech).

Jordan Bregman

Chief Operating Officer

Following his time at PWC, Jordan chose to pursue his passion in blockchain technology. Jordan joins Ceta Network with a robust background in accounting, wealth management, and banking. Jordan has co-founded several ventures in addition to his work in the blockchain space.

Van Doan

Chief Marketing Officer

Van is a digital professional specializing in community and product management. A former employee of Facebook and Apple, Van has left Silicon Valley to join Ceta Network and help build an international and interconnected community around blockchain technology.

Daniel Moser

Chief Business Officer

A former PwC accountant and top-tier brand ambassador for PocketPoints, Daniel brings his professional background to the blockchain space. Having traveled and lived across 5 continents and 34 countries, his cultural prowess generates a major advantage in the international marketing field.

Ju Park

Chief Technology Officer

Ju is a veteran entrepreneur and investor in the blockchain space. A former full-stack developer from Korea, Ju’s connections to the Korean blockchain industry and work experience at Bizurk, Hack Reactor, and Hyundai highlight his diverse background as a tech industry veteran.

Daniel Seravalli

Partner, Ceta Ventures

Daniel is a passionate engineer with both full-stack development and leadership experience. Previously he lead development teams at multiple Miami-based tech startups before becoming a consultant and independent contractor. An all-around technologist, Daniel joins Ceta to provide a keen eye for blockchain projects.

Isaac Bou

Partner, Ceta Ventures

Former auditor of companies with over 1b revenue, Isaac is a confident, versatile, and capable financial advisor or lead accountant with extensive knowledge of finance and accounting procedures. Now focused on this amazing new tech that is growing in front of us.

Alfred Ko

Partner, Ceta Ventures

Alfred is a search engine, social media & blockchain trainer in Malaysia with over 10 years of experience. A world traveler, his unique passion on technology allows him and his company to serve multinational companies from Malaysia, Singapore, and China.


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